Best Adjustable Height Office Desks For Tall People

Flexispot Vici EF1 2 Tier Standing Desk


up to 6'8"

Flexispot is known for being one of the top names in adjustable height desks. I happen to own this particular model and, I have to say, it was a life-changing purchase. 

Being able to change positions quickly from sitting to standing (it only takes a few seconds to move from bottom to top) makes all the difference in the world when working long hours at a desk. 

Being 6’6″ myself, this desk accommodates me even without going to the very top. Beyond that, the second tier allows you to keep your eyes forward and leaves your neck feeling comfortable all day long. 

SHW Electric Adjustable Standing Desk


up to 6'5"

This simple but attractive SHW electric desk comes in at a steal with a price tag of just over two hundred dollars. If you need something easy to set up that works for people up to 6’5″, this one is worth considering.

FEZIBO Adjustable Electric Standing Desk


up to 6'5"

This Fezibo desk comes in multiple sizes with a 46-inch max height. The price is on point for a brand that is known to produce quality desks. There are several beautiful finishes to choose from, including espresso, bamboo, rustic brown, white and black. 

KKL Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk


up to 6'4"

This KKL desk is the least expensive desk on this list but still pulls at a very high 4.6 rating on Amazon. With a max height of 45 inches, it can comfortably accommodate heights up to 6’4.” Colors available include greige, bamboo, black, rustic brown, and yellow. 

FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk


up to 6'6"

Fezibo certainly makes attractive standing desks and this particular one happens to support quite a few monitors and keyboards. If you’re in a field where you need at least 3 screens, this L-shaped design will give you the surface space you need while you sit or stand throughout your work day. With a 47-inch max height, this desk can ergonomically support people up to 6’6″ 

FEZIBO Standing Desk with Double Drawer


up to 6'7"

If you’re looking for a little extra storage to put things away, this Fezibo standing desk comes with a drawer that can be used to elevate your monitor while hiding away your nicknacks. With a 47.5-inch max height and 48 to 55-inch widths available, this desk has it all. 

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