7’3” Boban Marjanović reveals his parents’ height and it doesn’t make sense

The Dallas Mavericks center is one of the tallest players ever to play in the NBA.

When you see Boban Marjanović dunk a basketball without leaving the ground, you probably assume he got his height from a long line of Philistine giants. 

But you may be surprised to learn that the Serbian hooper’s parents are spectacularly—well—average, in height.

His mom is 5’6” and his dad is a pedestrian 5’9.” 

Like 7’7” Gheorghe Mureșanthe tallest player in NBA historyand other skyscrapers, Marjanović likely suffers from a pituitary gland condition which led to his gigantism. 

His hands are a dead giveaway.

He holds the unofficial title for the largest hands in the history of the NBA. He’s even been seen using an iPad as a phone because he makes a regular smartphone look like a child’s toy. 

Marjanović isn’t, however, merely a sideshow attraction brought in to sell basketball tickets. He’s skilled around the rim, and provides efficient minutes, when he gets to play. 

Jared McKiernan

Jared is the editor of Tall AF. As a 6'6 man, he's on a mission to find stuff that fits for the tall community, whether that's clothing, office furniture, or airlines with the most legroom. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, backpacking, reading, writing, watching hoops, and helping sweet old ladies at Target reach items on the top shelf.

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