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Best Joggers for Tall Guys

A nice pair of joggers is a staple of any good wardrobe – however, it can be a more difficult for tall guys to find joggers that actually cover their ankles. Below are a few versatile options that should work for tall guys. 

Best Premium Jogger – Mack Weldon Tall Ace Sweatpant

Why we like them: The are super soft and stylish. These joggers have a premium look and feel. They certainly aren’t the cheapest on this list, but with this level of craftmanship and upscale design you wouldn’t expect them to be.

Details: They come in up to a 38 inches long, but that is only for the XXL, which won’t have also comes in a 41 – 44 inch waste. You can’t simply pick your waste and length. The length on these is actually shorter than advertised, so a 36 inch length my not fit like a 36 inch length pair of jeans.

Best Budget Jogger – Old Navy Tapered Street Jogger

Why we like them: Old Navy makes low-cost, functional clothes and these jogger are no exception. They aren’t fancy but they get the job done at a bargain and they come in tall sizes.

Details: These Old Navy joggers feature a tapered leg, which gives a cleaner, nicer look, which means yes, you can wear them out of the house without looking like you’re in your PJs. They are a cotton poly blend featuring soft-washed fleece and built-in stretch for ultra-comfort.

Best multi-purpose Jogger – Banana Republic Fleece Jogger

Why we like them: These Banana Republic joggers are similar to the Old Navy joggers, though Banana Republic is usually a bit more elevated when it comes to style.

Details: These joggers are a soft, fleece cotton-poly blend made with 81 percent cotton and 19 percent polyester.

Best Jogger for Very Tall Guys – American Tall 80-20 Mens’ Tall Fleece Jogger

Why we like them: These are true, tall joggers. Everything at American Tall is actually designed for tall people, so you know they didn’t just add a couple inches to a normal pair of joggers. If you’re thin, you can get a small-tall or a medium-tall, which means you won’t be stuck buying a larger size and end up with baggy pants and an oversized waste. The models are also 6’5″ so you can get a better idea of what they’ll look like on you.

Details: These American Tall joggers are about $50 and they are an 80/20 cotton-poly blend.

Most Stylish Jogger – Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Jogger

Why we like them: If you’re a nike evangelist, you’re in luck, Nike makes some very handsome tall joggers. The design is what makes these stand out in this list. The brushed, premium look, the two-tone design and the fitted legs make these a must-have.

Details: According to Nike’s size guide the tall version of these joggers will fit men up to 6’5.” Made from 66% cotton/34% polyester, these fleece joggers are slim fit

Best Casual Jogger – Kingsize Sweatpant

Why we like them: These Kingsize sweatpants are super casual and won’t break the bank. At around $24 dollars, they’re the perfect stay-home-on-a-cold-day sweats.

Details: These Kingsize sweatpants are loose and comfy, with moisture wicking and a durable cotton-poly blend.