This teenage girl has legs that might be taller than you

When Maci Currin was 18 months old, her mother, Trish, knew her daughter was different. By that point, she was already 2’11,” which is significantly bigger than the average kid her age.

As she sprouted up, her growing pains worsened. 

“There were four or five years that she grew like five inches in a year, which is a lot,” Trish told Barcroft TV, from their home in Austin, Texas.

By the time she was 9, Currin was already 5’7.” She finally stopped growing when high school arrived, giving her a much-needed reprieve from the discomfort.

Now she’s 17 years old. She’s 6’9” and a high school volleyball standout.

Here’s the kicker: her legs measure a staggering 53 inches—giving her the longest gams in the world. 

Of course, being so tall and lanky hasn’t always brought positive attention to Currin. She was bullied a lot growing up and teased for her height and unique appearance. And as you can imagine, shopping for clothes is no walk in the park for a 6’9” girl. 

But nowadays, Currin says all of the gawking and talking about her has only made her a mentally tougher individual—and it’s made her realize her dream job.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Jared McKiernan

Jared is the editor of Tall AF. As a 6'6 man, he's on a mission to find stuff that fits for the tall community, whether that's clothing, office furniture, or airlines with the most legroom. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, backpacking, reading, writing, watching hoops, and helping sweet old ladies at Target reach items on the top shelf.

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