Tallest CEOs

Life as CEO has many perks from personal chefs and fancy outings to private jets and celebrity status. While so many of us admire and look up to these titans of industry you might be surprised at the CEOs you’d literally be looking up to if you met them in person.

Steve Balmer: 6’5″

Yes, the wild man who danced around on stage like he had just snorted a mountain of white powder. The larger-than-life and often sweaty former CEO of Microsoft (now worth about $70 billion) was satirized on HBO’s Silicon Valley by the show’s character, Jack Barker. Here he is in action:

Donald Trump: 6’3″

The controversial (understatement of the century) 45th president of the United States who may be best known for his role in The Apprentice as “the boss” is probably a bit taller than you might expect, though his floating, bright orange pompadour may be giving him an extra inch or two. What else can be said about Trump that hasn’t already been said?

Larry Ellison: 6’3″

The always confident and often brash Larry Ellison is known to be somewhat of a bully. He once called Uber “An app that my cat could write.” When you’re worth about 80 billion dollars and you head up one of the most influential tech companies in history (Oracle) you can get away with saying pretty much anything you want.

Steve Jobs: 6’2″

The late, great Steve Jobs was known for a hot temper that could bring his employees to tears. He was also known for his magnetic charisma, brilliance, and incredibly high standards. The founder of Apple who first met his biological sister at 27 and almost became a monk has given hope to a new generation of college dropouts.

Mark Cuban: 6’2″

The always outspoken Sharknado 3 star, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Shark loves a good rags-to-riches story. It’s no secret that if you want Mark to invest in your business, you’ll want to talk about how you struggled to sell magazines door to door. Here’s Mark being smashed through a table in his WWE days.

Elon Musk: 6’2″

Rockets, software, cars, solar, tunnels – is there anything this eccentric, South African-born genius doesn’t do? Musk was so quiet as a child that his parents actually thought he was deaf. But today? Net worth of around $100 billion dollars? Check. One of the most brilliant minds of our time? Check. Tall? Check. I guess he can afford to be a little eccentric.

Ariana Huffington: 5’10”

The Greek-American former CEO of the Huffington Post set out in 2016 to launch Thrive Global, a company “that provides behavior change technology and media to support individuals struggling with stress and burnout.”

Ashton Kutcher: 6’2″

No, you’re not being Punk’d. Yes, the former Punk’d creator is the CEO of a legitimate media company called Katalyst. It’s the company behind Punk’d and Beauty and the Geek. They also started a now-defunct YouTube channel known as Thrash Lab. Most people aren’t aware that Ashton has a fraternal twin brother, Michael Kutcher.

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