Best Dating Sites For Tall People

Are there really dating sites and apps that cater specifically to tall people? Sure there are. But are they any good? The short answer is “No.” But if you have a few minutes to waste, please read on. 

If you’re planning on shelling out good money every month, you should first learn what you can expect in a niche dating service. 

I’ll do a quick review of a few the top websites that come up in a search for “tall dating.”

Tall Single

Tall Single is an online dating service that, by all indications, is very dated. The site design looks like something you would see 15 years ago, which was probably the last time it was updated. And there’s no app. Which means that the user base is likely headed towards zero. 

The site claims to have over 10 thousand singles.

Let’s stop right there. Even if that is true, it’s most likely not enough members if you want to find someone near you. And how many of those users are real, active users?

Tall Single claims you can meet women over 5’9″ and men over 6″2′, though the same can be said for any dating service. There is also no requirement to be over a particular height to sign up.

Keeping that in mind, any portion of the claimed 10k users could potentially be not-so-tall people who are just looking for some tall love.

While you can sign up for free, the “premium” features, like actually being able to message someone, are held behind a paywall.

Interface: Dated look and feel

App available: No

Premium Membership Cost:

Monthly membership: $39.95

3 month membership: 74.95 (24.95/month)

6 months: 119.95 (19.95/month)

Premium membership features:

Message other members

View pictures of other members

Comment on pictures

See who has read your messages

Tall Friends

Self proclaimed Silicon Valley company, Tall Friends touts itself as “the best, largest and most effective Tall Dating Site in the world” and claims to have “millions of members worldwide in their network.” 

While I highly doubt that this site has millions of members, it is possible they are the largest competitor in the niche market of tall dating sites. Though, judging by their very dated-looking website, I would be surprised if even that was true. 

You can’t search for singles in your area until you pay, so you won’t know what you’re paying for in advance. You also can’t even set a height filter to see if the results are to your liking until after you pay.

So the free account on this one (and many other dating sites to be fair) is pretty useless. 

User Interface: Very dated (looks like an early 2000’s website) 

App available: No

Premium Membership Cost:

Monthly membership: $9.99 

3 month membership: 19.99 (6.67/month)

6 months – 29.99: (4.99/month)

1 year – 47.88: (3.99/month)

Premium membership features:

Promoted profiles (get more views compared to free)

Send messages

Ability to search for singles in your area

Search by height

But are there any other good tall dating sites?

You will be able to find other options beyond the ones listed in this article but the offerings, features and limitations likely won’t vary much from Tall Friends or Tall Single. 

So what do I have to lose by trying out a tall dating site?

You may be thinking that even though the user base is smaller and the features are dated you might as well give one of these specialty providers a shot at pairing you with a winner. There are few reasons I would advise against that, including:

Fake profiles

Fake profiles of beautiful women often make up a large percentage of user accounts on dicey dating sites. These profiles are designed to entice men to join the network. Once you’ve joined, good luck trying to connect with those stock image photos. 

Fake messages

If you’ve ever tried a less reputable dating app, you are aware of the fake messages sent out by bots, in an attempt to get you to sign up for a premium account, which will allow you to message that bot back. Once you’ve realized you’ve been chatting with an AI program, it’s too late—your credit card is already in the system.

Unverifiable claims

When a tall dating site claims to have a million users there is simply no way for anyone to verify whether this is true or not.

The verdict on tall dating sites

Beyond these potential pitfalls, the biggest reason to not use these tall dating sites for most people is the lack of an app for either Android or iPhone.

Unless you’re behind the times by a few decades (or you’re so cutting edge that you’re made the switch back to a basic phone) you’re probably not going to want to sit down at your computer to browse dating profiles. 

In all fairness, those websites were probably created long before apps were a thing.  But, today, they’re dinosaurs and if you decide to pay for one of these likely dormant services don’t be surprised when you discover that you are one of the few active singles on the site. 

I would recommend using one of the larger, more reputable dating apps that legitimately have millions of users. You can easily filter your match pool by height (as well as many other characteristics) to find your tall mate.


Bumble was started by Whitney Wolfe Herd — an early employee of the very well-known dating app, Tinder. While things between Whitney and her former employer didn’t end on a high note, that didn’t stop her from building Bumble into the new kingpin of dating apps. The goal of Bumble from the beginning was to empower women by forcing them to make the first move. If you’re a confident man with some killer profile pics, this setup can work wonders for you. Being tall certainly won’t hurt your chances on this dating app.

Bumble pricing is complex and based on a variety of factors, though the free tier has most of the basic features like being able to message and connect with other users. Users that pay will likely see better results because they will be shown to more potential matches.


Tinder was the first big hit when it came to dating apps. If you enjoy swiping through profile pictures, this may be the app for you. Keep in mind, that not everyone on Tinder is looking for the same thing you’re looking for. For casual dating and hookups, Tinder can be considered a viable option. And although many people have found their SOs on Tinder, it’s not known as the best choice for serious dating.

Tinder pricing is complicated and based on a variety of factors, though the free tier does have most features – your profile will not be ‘prioritized’ unless you pay.


Hinge added a fresh twist to dating apps by helping users design more engaging profiles with prompted questions and starter phrases. It can be an awkward balance trying to sell yourself to a potential mate without overtly self-promoting. Hinge has taken this burden off your shoulders by adding dozens of fun phrases you can finish. For example, “My simple pleasure is …” or “Together we can …”. Hinge is designed to help its users find relationships — and they make this clear in their slogan “Designed to be deleted.”

While the Free Tier has most features Hinge Pricing tends to be a bit more straightforward:

  • $19.99 for one month
  • $39.99 for three months
  • $59.99 for six months

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